In an effort to use the highest quality products available, Dean’s has resorted to producing much of our sand, aggregate and topsoil material our selves. We hold permits to produce sand and gravel in many areas and operate a MDOT Certified gravel pit.

We produce these products both to serve our wide customer base and for use in our own operations. We provide delivery of all our products whether you need 1 or 100 loads.

Here is a list of our products available to you:

Aggregates (gravel)

  • 22A Road Gravel: This is made of natural material; it is your traditional red colored clay stone mix. (Good for drive ways and under asphalt)
  • 23A Road Gravel: Much the same as 22A, but contains more clay.
  • 22A Modified: This is a recycled concrete product. (good for driveways and under asphalt)
  • 21AA Modified: Also a recycled concrete product. (used manly in road construction, but good for bridging wet areas)

Note: all of the above products are certifiable, passing their associated test.

  • 23A modified: This is a mix of recycled concrete and asphalt (good for driveways and under asphalt.)
  • Unprocessed Asphalt Millings: Good for building and bridging drives. (Will be un-uniformed and have chunks of asphalt.)
  • Processed Asphalt Millings: Good for topdressing drives. (This material is uniform and has been crushed again to eliminate chunks.)
  • Stone: We can supply stone both crushed and uncrushed, washed and unwashed from potato size to pee stone.


  • 2NS: Very course, usually only used for specialty items.
  • Screened CL II: Clean, medium course, (screened to eliminate stones and root mater).
  • Unscreened CL II: Good for backfills or under drive ways (may contain small stones and root material)
  • Fill Sand: Good for deep fills (contains some clay and larger stones )
  • Beach Sand: Clean fine sand, good for sand boxes and beaches


Screened Topsoil: Screened to eliminate most roots and stones (easy to work with and finish)
Unscreened Topsoil: Contains roots and small stones (good if you don’t mind a little work.)

We try to keep all of these materials in stock. Contact us to set up delivery.